MEC Collins Chabane inaugurates LIBSA Board of Directors

In what can be regarded as the dawning of a new era in the administrative machinery of LIBSA, Honourable MEC Collins Chabane inaugurated its board in a ceremony attended by LIBSA management, staff, various media houses and key stakeholders.

In his congratulatory address, the MEC extended sincere appreciation to the new members for accepting the nominations to serve on the LIBSA board and emphasized the need to continue the work of the previous board. ‘We are hopeful that this board brings a calibre of individuals that will further shape the strategic direction the organization is taking. The significance of LIBSA’s services underpins its expansion in both the rural and urban areas of the province to further advance the growth and developmental goals as well as the strategies of the provincial government. It is our belief that this incoming board will fully embrace LIBSA’s mandate, guide my department (Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism) on all governance issues without compromising the institution’s working focus.’ 

Attendees at the ceremony were anxiously awaiting the ‘big moment’ – the naming of the new chairperson. Ms Joyce Maduna, an entrepreneur in her own right, was named chairperson of the board with Prof T Marwala as her deputy. In accepting her appointment, Ms Maduna humbly thanked the MEC and his department for showing faith and confidence in her leadership. This moment, she said was the turning point in her involvement with the corporate world as she will impart the knowledge and skills learned over the years, while simultaneously learning new experience from her board colleagues and from LIBSA.         

The incumbent board joins the institution at a time when LIBSA is reasserting itself to play a pivotal role in promoting enterprises into the mainstream economic opportunities of the imminent 2010 Soccer World Cup. Management and staff share the enthusiasm of taking this important journey ahead together, while the highly motivated Mr Reggie Mpe is relieved that the installation of the new board will free and empower him to focus on his core functions, strategic and administrative duties.
After the MEC declared the formal ceremony officially closed, informal interaction was enjoyed between members of the board, members of LIBSA management and staff, managers from the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism and the media. 

The ceremony was well attended by all prominent LIBSA stakeholders which included Ms Jacki Shivambu, HOD, Ms Carol Nkambule, General Manager, Ms M Ledwaba, Senior Manager (all from the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism); the CEO of the Gambling Board, Mr Serobi Maja; the CEO of LIBSA, Mr Reggie Mpe; the MD of LimDev, Mr Stan Mathabatha; the COO of Tourism and Parks, Ms Seipati Tlaka; the Deputy GM of International Operations of Trade and Investment Limpopo, Ms Cathy Makoma and CEO BAM Strategic Marketing, Mr Morare Manaka.   



Programme director, LIBSA Board of Directors, COO of LIBSA, Mr Moloto, Prof Thakhathi from the university of Limpopo, representatives of the department of Trade and Industry, Ms Nweti Maluleke, our graduates, invited guests, all protocol observed.

We are gathered here this morning, to witness the handing over of Certificates for members of different co-operatives enterprises. We are indeed encouraged, as the Provincial Government to see our people recognizing and embracing this form of business as it provides broader ownership of the business by members.

When we launch the Co-operatives Enterprise model in 2004, we were encouraged by the empirical research conducted by the University of Limpopo that indicated that this Model of Business is most likely to succeed, given the diversified economic nature of our Province. As the government, we never looked back because of the understanding and the need to ensure the participation of our business communities in the economic process of our Province and our Country at large. Our commitment to support Co-operatives movement remain unshaken and will continue to work with our core partners, University of Limpopo, to ensure that we develop further Training and capacity Building Course that will enhance the sustainability of these enterprises. 

The sterling work done by our implementing Agency, LIBSA, continues to provide hope to many of our people whose lives have changed by this programme (Co-operatives enterprise model). We have seen LIBSA’s co-operatives awareness campaigns since 2004, and we continue to see business information workshops organized and conducted by this institution to educate and promote co-operatives as a form of business to our local communities. With this graduation ceremony being held today, it is an indication that the hard work endure by LIBSA is yielding results. We are humbled to see this, and it is our hope as Government that, this good work will remain at the centre of our focus.

Programme director, as the department we have noted that our people especially in rural areas, lack knowledge in terms of the services we render that is why we from time to time conduct road shows. In partnership with Anglo Platinum and Municipalities we are ensuring that at least in each municipal area there is a LIBSA satellite office. Over and above we have established a one stop centre, the Limpopo Business Zone an initiative of integrating all the services the department render with parastatals. 

As the day belong to graduates more than anyone else, we should celebrate with them as they walk down the floor to receive their certificates. This qualification, ladies and gentlemen, is an indication of probable ability to manage your business successfully. The responsibility lies in the hands of every graduate present here, to apply the knowledge and skills learned to ensure that your enterprises remain competitive, sustainable and create more jobs to further reduce joblessness in Limpopo Province. We will continue to lend our support on policy issues so that the environment within which business operates remains conducive.

Co-operation amongst Co-operative is central to the success of businesses. This assertion is based on the notion of business to business transaction within a given locality or geography. The Provincial Government also call on government departments to support Co-operatives in their procurement of products and services but it is empirical for them to ensure that they produce quality products thereby making it easier for the success of our campaign of buy local. With this type of support,

  • co-operatives can become multinational institutions,
  • and will enhance Limpopo Province’s prominence on the development and promotion of co-operatives.

Programme director, allow me to challenge the University of Limpopo, to further develop senior qualifications on this field of studies, so that our graduates and future learners will participate in these programmes through to higher levels.

We will also like to call on LIBSA and other institutions of Government to continue with the good work in our communities. It is indeed honour for us in Government to see the faith that LIBSA had in the vision of your business, committing itself to ensuring the successful accomplishment of your vision. The young people of our country need to be encouraged at all costs to start organizing themselves to form co-operatives businesses. We believe that with the network of offices spread across the whole Province, it will be possible to reach out to the many matriculates and graduates roaming the streets of our Province.

Further than that, I would like to congratulate everyone, especially the organizers of this event for the wonderful co-ordination that we are witnessing here.

To the media houses present here, we would like to extent our appreciation for the hard work in shaping our Province and the country at large. The role you continue to play of ensuring that our people are more informed in terms of government programmes, challenges and future plans remain central. We appreciate that.

In conclusion, I would like to call on all the people of Limpopo Province to work together to fight this scourge of joblessness and poverty. Congratulations to the recipients in advance.

I thank you. 


LIBSA Press Release

Limpopo Business Support Agency
set for a new dawn of wealth creation

The Honourable MEC, Mr Collins Chabane, Heads of Departments, Senior Managers from various different Provincial Departments and Municipal Managers, among others, will join the LIBSA management and staff on Thursday, July 14th at a cocktail function to mark the official launch of the new LIBSA brand, under the theme: New Dawn: Wealth Creation.

This theme has been implemented as part of a newly-introduced complete re-branding process, instituted by strategic marketing specialists Blue Action Marketing. This comprehensive branding process is not only to consolidate and strengthen the visual identity of the LIBSA brand, but includes protocols for internal restructuring to provide more effective service delivery as well as to position LIBSA as a supportive organization for all enterprises, including co-operatives.

As a key component of the re-branding process, the launch will serve as a practical tool to reiterate the current brand promises and to unveil the new corporate identity. It will also provide a vital interactive platform for LIBSA to share its new higher vision for enterprise development, revised training content and events approach, internal capacity structures and other strategic plans for the current financial year with its key stakeholders.

Introspectively, LIBSA is meeting its objectives swiftly and efficiently; one of which was to increase the number of offices for ease-of-access to services and another to roll-out the co-operatives projects. Since 2002, LIBSA has grown from a workforce of 5 employees operating from a single office, to a 54-strong team running 10 well-established Offices across the six districts of Limpopo. And to date LIBSA has assisted 15 co-operatives with a total investment of nearly R40 million.

LIBSA Chief Executive Officer, Reggie Mpe, is both excited and confident that LIBSA is set for a New Dawn of Wealth Creation and has both the capacity and knowledge to achieve all its objectives. And in so doing, empower thriving enterprises which can contribute meaningfully to the economic growth of Limpopo by helping to eradicate poverty and create jobs.