Enterprise Development

Incubation Programme

One of LIBSA’s core programmes is a 15-month business incubation. Business incubation is the support provided in the development phase of start-ups when entrepreneurs work on the launch of their companies. Business Incubators are institutions that support the entrepreneurial process, helping to increase survival rates for innovative start-up companies (NOTE: only entrepreneurs with viable businesses are admitted to the incubation programme).

These start-ups receive a specialized menu of support resources and services, which include the provision of physical space, counselling, assisting in compiling an effective business plan, compiling business profiles, administrative services, advice on compliance with statutory requirements, technical support, business networking and advice on sources of finance.

In addition, LIBSA’s new Business Incubation Policy aims at the following:

LIBSA Business Incubation process


Apply to LIBSA

Application Unsuccessful

Application Successful

Satisfy requirements for graduation

Unable to satisfy requirement for incubation programme